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July Entrance Mat Special - July 03, 2017

Weve got you covered this Winter... Well, your floors will be covered, cleaner and safer - with our July Entrance Mat Special. From wet and slippery surfaces to muddy floors, Winter can cause all sorts of nightmares when it comes to keeping ...

Recent Work - Bleasdale Winery - July 02, 2017

The mat has arrived and it looks great, thank you! I tested it with my dusty shoes and it does the job perfectly. Thanks for all your help. Mardi - Bleasdale winery Established in 1850, Bleasdale Vineyards is a fifth-generation produc...

The Best Way To Clean Your Entrance Mat - September 07, 2017

With 80% of the dirt and grime found in a building tracking its way inside on peoples footwear, commercial entrance mats should be the first line of defence to stop mud, dirt, debris and moisture from entering a building. While entrance mats can...

Annual Logo Mat Sale - November 15, 2017

Here it is, the one youve all been waiting forOur famous Logo Mat Sale. If you want to create an unforgettable and welcoming entrance to your business, or bring your brand to life and deliver a marketing message. Now is the time to do it, with y...

Introductory Special - Up to 25% OFF Bolyu Carpet Tiles - December 07, 2017

Our first shipment of Bolyu Carpet Tiles has arrived and are now available for the first time in Australia! This is exciting news if youre looking for an attractive, lasting, eco-friendly flooring solution to fit out your commercial property ...
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