A grand opening deserves a grand entrance

“The mat has arrived and it looks great, thank you! I tested it with my dusty shoes and it does the job perfectly. Thanks for all your help.”

Mardi - Bleasdale winery


Established in 1850, Bleasdale Vineyards is a fifth-generation producer of premium wines. They are located an hour south-east from Adelaide in the picturesque Langhorne Creek wine region.


Recently they approached us to create a custom made entrance mat for their new cellar door. They needed an entrance mat to be highly effective at removing dirt and debris from shoes to protect the floors of the cellar, it also needed to reflect their history and well recognised brand name.


After sending a range of samples to determine the most functional surface and price options to suit their budget, we decided on the UltraGuard Inlay Mat.


The UltraGuard Mat is heavy duty and well suited to high foot traffic areas, it’s high quality, durable, stain resistant carpet helps to keep floors looking clean and is easy to maintain.


We custom made the entrance mat here in Melbourne, as you can see the lettering is cut and secured into the base for a high quality, lasting finish.


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