Anti Fatigue Mats

We stock a wide range of Anti Fatigue Floor Mats to suit various applications, work areas and budgets. Speak to our team about finding the right Anti Fatigue Mats for you. We deliver throughout Australia and New Zealand.


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Anti Fatigue Mats

Identity Matters offer anti-fatigue standing mats in Australia, designed to suit various applications, work areas and budgets. With the addition of standing floor mats, Australian businesses can improve the comfort, wellbeing and productivity of their employees. Our anti-fatigue mats are designed using supportive materials, which help to cushion and comfort the bottom of your feet. Acting as shock absorbers, our anti-fatigue mats take stress off the body when working on hard surfaces. The high quality of our anti-fatigue mats improve circulation, thereby allowing you to take better care of your employees.

Employees and employers can benefit from using strategically-placed anti-fatigue mats in nearly any industry, including hospitals, restaurants, schools, retail stores and hotels. From those who spend a lot of time in the kitchen to factory workers who are required to stand in one spot all day, a variety of workers can benefit from using anti-fatigue mats. To improve the wellbeing of your team, shop our standing mats in Australia today!

Why choose our rubber anti-fatigue floor mats in Australia

Identity Matters offer the widest range of commercial anti-fatigue mats in Australia, and can customise your purchase to suit any application or budget.

The variety of designs and materials make these mats ideal for a broad range of work settings. Our quality collection of anti-fatigue mats includes those manufactured for use in wet areas like kitchens, dry areas such as carpeted offices, and industrial anti-fatigue mats for workstations where oil, chemicals and high temperatures are involved. Safety features like bevelled edges and non-slip surfaces further enhance employee and customer safety.

No matter your requirements, have a chat with our friendly and experienced team to ensure you receive the most suitable product possible.

Mats for your every business requirement

Identity Matters extend our services to businesses of all descriptions. Our range of quality mats includes indoor and outdoor corporate entrance matting, utility and food-service matting, point-of-sale mats, display mats and COVID-19 mats. Having been in business for 25 years, Identity Matters understand how to combine branding, wayfinding, safety and wellbeing in the form of our matting solutions. Rely on us for fast turnarounds, fair pricing and prompt delivery.

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