The Best Way To Clean Your Entrance Mats

A good quality entrance mat should be effective at stopping mud, dirt, debris and moisture from making its way into your building, which is great for protecting your floors and saving on cleaning costs.

But it does mean (particularly in times of wet weather) that you will need to keep on top of cleaning and looking after your entrance mat.


Having an effective and regular cleaning routine will help to keep your entrance mat clean and attractive, last longer, and promote a healthier indoor environment. 
As long as you know your type of mat, its location, and its material, there are a few simple methods for cleaning entrance mats to keep them in good shape.

Simply follow these instructions to keep your mats looking great and functioning effectively.


Indoor entrance mats can be cleaned the same way you maintain your carpeting. Vacuum them daily and extract or shampoo them when dirt or debris builds up. 
The mats should be checked at least weekly for stains and dirt, depending on the amount of traffic.

Steam cleaning or shampooing is recommended, based on the amount of traffic the mat receives. Once a month is typically a good plan.


If your mat is dirty you can give it a quick hose down, sweep it with a broom, vacuum it clean, steam clean or spot clean it with a mild detergent and a damp cloth.

Try to avoid all harsh cleaning products with carpet top mats.

Mats such as DirtStopper, DuraPlush and Entry Max should never be machine washed or dry cleaned.


PrintPlush logo mats, FloorPoster logo mats, EntryPlush entrance mats and Bar Runners can all be machine washed, see the following instructions:

  • Gently roll your mat to fit into your washing machine and delicate machine wash seperately using mild detergent.  We recommend using the natural, eco friendly cleaning products that do not contain oxidizing bleaches, chlorine or brightening agents.
  • Large mats are heavy when wet and we recommend you check the load limit on your machine.
  • Tumble dry at a low heat as part of the processing cycle or allow the mat to dry naturally.

For more detailed cleaning instructions or to speak to an expert about the right type of entrance mat for your building, contact our friendly team at here at Identity Matters.


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