Bar Mats

Bar Mats are a practical, engaging and affordable way to deliver an advertising or marketing message. Speak to our bar mat experts about creating custom bar mats at the best price today.

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Bar Mats

  • A bar mat is a practical way to utilise your bar space and deliver an engaging advertising or marketing message with a custom digital print. At the same time, the custom bar mats can help to prevent sticky spills from getting on the bar and making a lasting mess that is difficult to clean.

    Custom bar mats can be a cost-effective and convenient way to advertise your products and specific promotions. The non-slip rubber backing used on our quality bar mats and custom beer mats helps to keep the bar mats in place for the ultimate in functionality and promotional purposes. Full colour digital prints or customised designs can used on our printed bar mats.

    Rubber bar mats provide a safe, secure, durable surface on top of any bar. Bar rail mats also help to hold glasses and bottles in place, catch spills, and provide easy clean-up. Our quality bar mats are machine washable too, for the ultimate convenience. 

    Our printed bar mats come with an absorbent fabric top that allows for a high definition print with your choice of graphics or design. The option to print the graphics of your choice makes our custom print bar mat a more functional option that we can customise especially for your business needs.

    Bar Mats are most commonly used at restaurants and bars, clubs, and any business with a bar that uses bar mats to keep their business organised and neat. Custom printed bar mats also allow establishments to share their company logo or any message that is important to the business or to celebrate a special event or occasion.

    Speak to our Bar Mat experts to learn more about artwork requirements or to find out more about special requests. We aim to meet specialised needs, including custom sizes, shapes, or other qualities that are important to you and your business and most importantly within your targeted budget we often have bar mats on sale.  

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