Social Distancing & COVID-19 Mats

Social distancing is new to us all, but critically important to help stop the spread of this infectious virus. People need help and constant visual reminders to keep their distance, with our COVID-19 floor mats in Australia helping to reinforce the message across businesses of all descriptions.

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Social Distancing & COVID-19 Mats

Our range of COVID-19 products

In addition to floor mats, Identity Matters have also launched other COVID safety products for businesses, like custom office signs and health & hygiene signs. We've been working hard to source and supply practical, proven solutions to assist essential businesses that remain open to the public. During these trying times, we recognise the need to adapt and respond to new challenges, with our COVID product range helping to address recent business concerns.

Choose from our specialised products, or let us know if we can help you make your workplace a cleaner and safer environment through any other means.

Why shop with Identity Matters

Identity Matters offers branded matting of all varieties, with our 25 years of experience allowing us to provide extraordinary products. Choose from indoor and outdoor corporate entrance matting, utility and food-service matting, anti-fatigue matting, POS mats or display mats to elevate your business. When a quick turnaround, reliable delivery and competitive pricing matters, opt for Identity Matters.

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